5 Best Database Plugins for WordPress [Updated In 2021]

While building a website, you might go through many
difficulties such as finding the domain name, selection of hosting service,
create the content of your niche, maintaining performance.

After managing all the aspect, if you have mistakenly lost the data or site has been crashed then what will be the ways of getting the data back. There are many database plugins for WordPress available which will backup and restore your data automatically after activating it.

You can go for fully managed WordPress hosting services.
That services provide uptime monitoring and restore your database if there is
any fatal error on site.

But if you choose appropriate database plugins for your site then the data will be stored the backup files when there is an error. However, the database plugins for WordPress supports remote cloud storages such as Dropbox, drive, Amazon S3 etc.

Database plugins for WordPress

Here, we have mentioned Best database plugins for WordPress which will store the WordPress database as well as the entire website’s complete database.

1. UpdraftPlus – WordPress backup plugin

Updraftplus is the highest-ranking backup plugin. The plugin
will backup all the database files into the clouds.

The plugin accesses the backup into the dropbox, google drive, Amazon S3, updraft vault etc. However, the paid version backups the database into Google cloud storage, one drive, Azure etc.

Manual backups may consume a lot of time. But selecting a reliable plugin ensures the safety of your database files and restore it quickly without any time consumption. If the site is on schedule backups then it will save the time and work.

Moreover, the features in Updraftplus free and Updraftplus
premium differs. The free version is fully functional which consists of backup
and restore the database into the cloud and email reporting and schedule

Updraftplus premium consists of migrate/clone option,
advanced reporting features, encryptions with multiple online storage options.
However, they provide free 1GB for Updraftvault storage.

With help of premium, you can also restore a backup from other plugins. Moreover, they have also developed UpdraftCentral. The service allows you to manage, update and backup the multiple sites from one place.

The database can be decrypted within the WordPress control panel via the drag-and-drop option. You can easily backup the existing and last modified logs quickly.

UpdraftPlus is supported currently on all the version of PHP

2. Duplicator – WordPress migration Plugin

Duplicator is the standard WordPress migration and backup
plugin. It handles migration and backup or clones a website between domains in
zero downtime.

However, it also transfers the WordPress site on the host to
another. You can perform import/export the migrations without any SQL scripts.
It creates a package of the database, plugin, themes, contents and other
WordPress files into zip file.

Moreover, you can easily make preconfigured sites by using
Duplicator package. You can go to duplicator editions to purchase the plans
with advanced features and powerful tools.

They have also developed Duplicator Pro which supports the
full multisite network. It provides features such as Scheduled backup, multiple
online remote storages, email reporting, auto database creation etc.

The Duplicator requires PHP 5.3 version or higher.

3. Backup Guard- WordPress Backup and migrate plugin

Backup guard plugin is one of the effective database plugins
for WordPress. It also provides the easiest way to backup, restores and migrate
the sites.

The feature includes database restoration, multisite
WordPress network, import and uploads the backups, large website support,
upload to Dropbox.

However, they have developed the Backup Guard pro for
advanced features. Pro backup feature includes multiple remote storage options,
multiple scheduled backups, fully automatic migration etc.

Moreover, you can also specify the number of backups you
want to keep on site. You can customize the backup cloud path and mode.

Backup guard allows you to reside the backup to your server. While backup guard pro allows uploading the database backup to clouds.

It has advanced settings which contain backup with reloads, auto delete after upload, backup retention and specifies cloud path options. It also provides smart archive solutions.

Backup Guard requires PHP 5.3.3 and WordPress 3.8

Backup Guard Pro requires PHP 5.3.3 and WordPress 3.8

4. BackWPup – WordPress backup plugin

BackWPup is a WordPress backup plugin which backups the WordPress installation and saves them into remote storages.

BackWPup contains smart archive options, multiple remote storage options, optimize database and multisite support network etc. However, they have also developed the premium version BackWPup Pro.

The pro version consists of additional features such as
store the backups in Amazon glacier, google drive with encryption and standalone
apps for emergency restore.

The standard plan starts with $69 with one WordPress
installation. It also supports WordPress XML export. The restore option is
added in Pro version with advanced features.

BackWPup requires WordPress 3.9 and PHP 5.3.3 with FTP, curl and zip archive.

5. WP database backup – Free WordPress backup plugin

WP database backup is the free backup plugin. The plugin
provides manual or automated backups and stores them in safe storages such as
Amazon S3, DropBox, Google Drive and FTP etc.

The plugin includes schedule backup, easy configuration,
email reporting, Pagination, search and sort backup features.

They have also developed Pro version WP all backup. The Pro
version includes additional features such as multisite compatible, multiple
options of backup and disk space check.

WP database backup requires WordPress 3.1 version or higher.


The above-mentioned database plugins for WordPress provide
advanced features with secure backups and restores. However, you need to update
the latest version to install the plugins as the plugins require a different
PHP version.

Hope, you will find the best and appropriate backup plugin
for your website so that it secures your site against crashes or errors.

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